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New features of the machine tool industry to show a good development trend of future
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New features of the machine tool industry to show a good development trend of future
        With the machine widely applied to various industries, machine tool industry development trend is getting better , which is an important factor in business can be attributed to the product structure of a lot of adjustments.
       Adjustment of product structure machine tool companies in four specific areas . First of all, from all sectors, the less low-end products , high-grade , special products and more . From the remarkable achievements of independent innovation : the development of a number of high-speed, precision, complex , multi-axis CNC machine tools, as well as a number of large size, large tonnage CNC machine tools new products, especially the rapid development of heavy metal cutting machine tools . Followed by the rapid growth of investment in fixed assets : a number of major technology projects have been completed and played a role, especially heavy machine production capacity has been greatly improved . In addition , the way the business began to change . As greatly improve production efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs, optimize the supply chain further , to further enhance the user , such as technical services .
      Currently we have to do is to further accelerate the structural adjustment of machine tools . Compression low , normal production ; backward , pollution, high energy-consuming products ; development of high technological content and economic value added products ; provided by the provider sets into a single line of equipment to the direction of development. Further improve the industrial chain. Intensify policy support , to break the bottleneck of the development of CNC machine tool industry , to develop numerical control systems and features , improved control system, the proportion of functional components in the industry ; encourage the development of CNC tools, complex tools , precision measuring instruments , high-grade abrasive and superhard materials and products . Implementation of corporate restructuring . Play a key enterprise -volume manufacturing capability advantages to encourage universal host moderately concentrated manufacturing production ; support for the " special, unique , fine," CNC machine tool manufacturer ; expanded features manufacturing companies , manufacturing technology service enterprise scale ; encourage enterprises to optimize asset restructuring, promote corporate structural changes to the "big and strong" , "small but dedicated " direction ; development of lean management and agile manufacturing. Efforts to improve the manufacturing process of specialized production levels. Improved production organization , the rational allocation of resources, integration within the region casting, forging , heat treatment , surface treatment of the four basic technological capacity to build specialized production centers ; promotion of advanced manufacturing technologies and cleaner production methods, improve material utilization and production efficiency, reduce energy consumption and pollutant emissions. Efforts to adjust the structure of the industry and export trade . Continue to raise the threshold of imported equipment and technology , and strive to improve the quality of export products, determined to reduce the high energy consumption, high pollution and resource exports , increase the proportion of high-end CNC exports , efforts to expand the export of technical services , and constantly improve the industry exports benefits.
       While these positive changes occur , some deep- seated contradictions within the industry are more prominent. For example , the industry 's leading products are incompatible with the needs of national economic development , industry overcapacity and low-grade products lack of capacity of high-end products , made with a host of high performance features supporting the development of disorders, the results of multiple research programs , but the effect is not obvious , such as industrial applications . In the outgoing year, the machine tool industry must strategically focused , clear main direction of further accelerate structural adjustment and transformation of development mode , create the conditions and environment for the healthy and sustainable development.


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