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Development of CNC machine tool technology help hex bolts Industry
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      REVIEW: advanced Bolt is the high-end machinery manufacturing , its role may be that skillfully deflected the question . Face value of only a few percent on the bolt machinery industry . In essence, it brings the added value of the key components and equipment are much higher . The rapid development of CNC machine tool industry for the development of the machine tool industry, hex bolts to provide a reliable guarantee.
If there is no development, and the world would stagnate , hex bolts for the machine tool industry as well. And Now , the development of numerical techniques for the development of the machine tool industry, hex bolts to provide a reliable guarantee. In other words , hex bolt CNC machine tool industry development is inseparable from technology . Development is the last word in any high-tech development are inseparable .
Hexagon bolt manufacturers to keep up with the trend of the times , to promote enterprise progress, most companies are doing business or preparing CNC machine tools . However, due to limitations of the original production levels , a huge number of tools common in many enterprises hex bolts , if the removal of general machine tools to re- purchase of new CNC machine tools, will spend a lot of money to run , which gives companies the hex bolts with CNC machine tools to new problems.
       CNC technology , which uses digital control method of a work process to achieve automatic control technology. Is usually controlled by the amount of mechanical energy and a mechanical flow switch on the position, angle and speed . CNC occurs dependent on the data carrier and the data is presented in binary arithmetic .
International Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui mold , has become a modern CNC machine production in an irreversible trend, NC has many advantages including its hex bolt industry blowing a hurricane , hex bolt industry will need to be NC transformation . CNC transformation of the advantages are as follows : Machine CNC machining radical can be processed out of the complex is not hex bolts curves , surfaces, and so on. You can automate the process , but is flexible automation , thereby improving the efficiency of the machine 37 times than radical . HC fasteners selected the Ten selection committed to high-quality corporate propaganda , hex bolt CNC machine tools in the industry as an important processing tool has also been observed as a key project Ten selection team .
       High precision machining hexagon bolt , the dispersion of small size , making assembly easier , workers are no longer needed " repair ." Multiple processes can be centralized , less frequent transport between the hex bolt machine . With automatic alarm, automatic monitoring, automatic make up and other self-regulatory function, which can be realized for a long time unattended processing. HC Ten selection fasteners fastener industry received widespread attention as a contest, is also concerned about the qualification of each enterprise . Reduce labor intensity , saving labor ( one person can look after more than one machine ) reduces tooling, shorten production cycles and new product trial period , you can respond quickly to market demand and so on.
As can be seen from the above analysis , the application of numerical control technology to the manufacturing sector has brought significant changes in the radical , which is the hex bolt CNC machine tool industry is catching the wave of reasons.

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