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Eight-meters threaded rod milling machine has been booked
时间:2015-06-04   点击:(4336)

        China 's machine tool industry in the past few years to achieve a sustainable development of ultra- high speed until the first half of 2011 , demand is still strong, but from the second half of last year, the demand growth momentum slowed down , dramatic decline in new orders , economic status becoming more severe , profit margins continued to decline. In the " Twelfth Five-Year " period, the implementation of the proactive fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy , with advances in technology , product upgrades and key national projects , and constantly promote local investment projects , the level of demand for various sectors of the national economy machine tool products will further increase the demand for high-level defense modernization tools will be more urgent , the market will demand a higher level of development , a new round of market competition will become more intense. CNC machine tools has become one of the key revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry.
        Experts admitted casting industry for their own development , to China's industrial development plan of China's machine tool industry should break through the bottleneck of the casting machine casting encountered, constantly promote the development of the machine tool industry . The era of mechanized mass production machine is an indispensable factor of production , production equipment, but also for the construction of modern industrial civilization has very important significance. Constituted by the various types of machine parts , machine parts one and most of them come from the foundry industry , these castings for machine tool production has an important role .
       In recent years, the domestic machine tool industry, market demand is gradually turning high-end machine , in the case of total market growth slow , high-precision , intelligent CNC machine tool market share rise, CNC machine tools accounted for the proportion of total consumption rose to more than 60% of NC development tools to speed, precision , smart and green direction . But relative, domestic high-end machine is still mainly rely on imports , domestic brand market share is still very low , we can say intelligent high-precision CNC machine tools will be the development trend of the machine tool industry .
       The current development of China's machine tool industry has made ​​certain achievements in the continued stable development . After the Shenyang Machine Tool Group 's machine tool production ranked first in the world to obtain the results , although the machine tool industry news that shocked people , but this is only the outcome of the casting machine tool industry achieved on the industrial scale , this does not explain our the machine tool industry in the world invincible . On the contrary , its development still faces some constraints of factors , including , the level of technology behind the casting machine is a major bottleneck , only to break this bottleneck , China's machine tool industry is possible to achieve substantial breakthroughs in the development of stable acquired in rapid development.

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