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Cangzhou Dong Xing cnc machine tool manufacturing co., LTD.

Add:Development zone no.4 road NC machine tool industrial park,Botou County
TEL:0317-7576767 7576787
Manager:wang manager
After-sales service:0317-8284668(yin manager)
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LXK-400T Five-axis CNC spiral rotor milling machine
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Technical Specifications book
1, name : five coordinate CNC spiral rotor milling machine 
       Model : LXK-400T
      Manufacturer: Cangzhou Dongxing CNC machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
2, characteristics and uses:
      This machine is designed for processing adjustable , variable pitch , a large lead , such as a single cone or double cone shaped screw design and production of special milling machine . It can be done manually replace screw machining . The machine has a level of 30 ° slant and horizontal scroll scroll the main rail Vice rail. Primary rail in the milling head X, Z, A, B four coordinate linkage, wherein X, Z coordinate and achieve cross slide movement of the carriage , A rotational movement to achieve the level coordinate , B coordinate axis milling to achieve rotational movement of the sub rail length of hydraulic tailstock with the knife and reciprocating with the Z axis. C -axis spindle to achieve stable rotation of the workpiece radial feed movement , in -system programming with processing conditions to achieve process automation .
      The milling machine set into two : one for the disk milling cutter , milling cutter bar another is for users to choose from. A fully enclosed housing , double gated structure , elegant appearance .

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